Sleeping beauty 2011

Part of the movie “Sleeping beauty” 2011

Lucy (Emily Browning), a young female college student, has fallen into a passive and evil way. She even throws a coin to choose who she wants to go to bed that night. At the same time, she shows incredible endurance. Especially when faced with a variety of different but mostly repetitive domestic work, after all, she needs to work to earn her tuition. One day Lucy suddenly saw an advertisement in a student newspaper. After a meeting and preliminary inspection in Clara (Rachel Blake) ‘s office, she started working as a lingerie waitress. Later, Lucy also secretly auditioned for “Sleeping Beauty”, and a bit recklessly accepted this strange new job. When Lucy visited the large manor in a remote suburb for the first time, Clara explained her “working principle” to her. She would be injected with a tranquilizer-after falling asleep and then waking up, and it was as if she never had. It never existed in her life.

Those wealthy old men who came to visit the “Sleeping Beauty House” were fascinated by Lucy’s obedience and silence. What they were looking for in this room was intimate contact with a beautiful and erotic color. Lucy is obedient and at the mercy of others, and she can’t let her see their aged and saggy bodies, and the only rule that must be followed here is that no actual sexual behavior can occur. Lucy’s role is “Sleeping Beauty”. She has to get used to this dormant state that is almost equivalent to death. She has become their elegant and delicate plaything, enduring the extreme lack of willpower and the accompanying physical The infringement of —— the first person viewed her youth and beauty in awe; the second was a cruel and sadistic person; the third person unexpectedly dropped her body to the ground.

Since entering this room meant being stunned by the medicine, it also made Lucy an unknown part of her life. Soon the abnormal experiences she had during her sleep began to permeate uncontrollably into her daily life. Lucy was kicked out by the roommate who rented the house with him, and rented a brand new apartment with a decent reward for being a “sleeping beauty”. However, when her friend Birdman (Evan Leslie) died in her arms, she also lost the only credible and most authentic connection with the world. She suddenly had an intense curiosity Xin wanted to know what happened to her every time the night fell.

Lucy bought a miniature surveillance camera, and she planned to record everything that happened in “Sleeping Beauty’s House”. Because she was eager to know what another life she didn’t know was like, she also consciously started fighting against sleeping pills, to be able to hide the camera in a sufficiently hidden place indoors. As a result, Lucy accidentally recorded the whole process of assisted suicide by one of the older men, and she almost died because of an overdose. When Lucy finally woke up, she couldn’t help crying. In the end, the curse was broken, and there were no fairy tales in this world.

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